Cyware: A Platform to make you Cyber Aware

Are you a cyber security professional or a general internet user who wants to power the personal or organizational cyber security and internet security architecture through cyber awareness? You should then know about Cyware; the first of its kind app that drives cyber awareness news through timely dissemination of expertly curated cyber security and internet security news from amongst the hundreds and thousands of cyber security related news articles published daily on the internet.  If you are one amongst those who think that a firewall and a couple of security apps will help them ensure a sound security architecture then you are grossly mistaken and more importantly you are eagerly waiting to get hacked by the cyber criminals and learn your lesson the hard way. Cyber awareness is the key to cyber security and it is the basis of new security paradigm being adopted in the cyberspace and Cyware is an App which helps reinforce your security architecture through feeds which robust your cyber situational awareness.


Cyware is powered by IBM's Watson technology

Given the post PC era dominated by multitude of devices, the threats from cyberspace have evolved to be multifaceted now and even faceless. Fighting a faceless and an unknown enemy requires you to keep a watch on every happening in the field of cyberspace daily and this is where Cyware plays a key role and assists you. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, Cyware daily dives into the fathomless depth of the internet to bring to the user the meaningful and most important cyber security news.  The team of cyber security experts provides only the best from tens of thousands of cyber stories published daily. On a daily basis  60-70 word synopses of the top cyber stories are published multiple times a day for the quick perusal of the user. In all the feeds the essential facts are retained on the most important need-to-know cybersecurity matters while access to the original news source is also provided.

Use Cyware to be Cyber Aware

Cyware helps you stay informed about key happenings in cyberspace and also allows you to share information with your trusted partners. In today’s environment, when cyber criminals are moving at the speed of light, it's time we evolve past classifying threats as Red, Amber or Green to spreading the word as quickly as possible. Use Cyware to cut down the chances of one wrong click and dangerous consequences. Use Cyware to be Cyber Aware.

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