5 Useful Gifts for New Born Baby

Is there a new arrival in your family? The wait is over and you all have prepared to welcome the new family member. The cute little baby has entered your life and brightens it up with its sweet smiles and lovely gestures. All the friends and relatives are gathered to congratulate the blessed parents and have brought congratulations gift for both the baby and parents. Now that you are away and miss to enjoy the family gatherings, you are left with only one option to send online gift to Pakistan for the little fellow.

Gifts for New Born Baby

There are various obvious gift choices for the baby gifts like new born baby clothing sets, toys, baby care products like shampoo, lotion, powder etc. but it would be great if you could send something more useful. Here are some gift ideas for new born baby that would be very thoughtful gifts for the new parents.


Strollers are highly demanded whenever a new baby arrives because you cannot carry baby in your arms all the time. It is also helpful for the mom to take the baby anywhere alone and be at comfort while doing her usual tasks. Additionally, the new parents might be facing financial challenges with all the medical care and new baby shopping, so why not send a pushchair or stroller to the new Mum and save the parents some extra money.


Although it is a bit early but ultimately it will be required by the parents to purchase for the baby. Since this kind of baby products are quite expensive so you can get them a junior walker for the sweet baby. It is like investment in the future for the baby and the parents will be at ease when the baby starts walking.

Car Seats

In Pakistan, people usually do not use car seats but it is a great asset for baby’s safety while driving. Especially, if the family has a car then you must gift this essential item to ensure baby’s safety.

Baby Carrier

Baby carrier is another useful item to be gifted for the baby. They are comfortable and easy for parents to go outing. Especially, when they have to visit some place like a restaurant, to someone’s house, it is difficult to find a place to put the baby. These baby carriers are feasible choice to put the baby in and enjoy your time while the baby comfortably sleeps.

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Safety Gate

Although quite an early thought for a new born but if there are stairs somewhere in home then this safety gate for babies is the best safety measure the parents can adopt. It is flexible to be fixed at the stairs so the baby is protected from staircase.

Baby Feeding System

This is an exquisite electronic that will help moms to give their baby fresh milk to be warmed wihtin 7 minutes whenever the need arises. No matter if it is midnight or day, this thermal cooler can keep the milk fresh up to 8 hours and is detachable.

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