Ease The Process Of Making College Notes: Just Record It

I still remember college days! The only thing that made me attentive in lectures was the notes, which I used to make listening to the lecturer. It really used to make exam time much easier. Almost all teachers refer to their personal lecture stuff while making exam papers. This factor always made me one-step ahead of other students because I used to make lengthy and comprehensive notes in college keeping a point of every important topic, which our professor taught. But it was actually not possible for every lecture.

Process Of Making College Notes

I felt so dizzy and bored all the time just writing, writing, and filling up notebooks. Same thing used to happen again in tuitions. One of my friends in other universities told me a new innovative manner of recording lectures. I loved the concept! She asked me of implementing any of the lecture capture solutions to record the entire period. This way the recording can be helpful for both: lecturer and students. In fact, students would be more inclined towards the educating methods rather than just listening to boring scripts.

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Let us discuss some simple and not so expensive methods to record a lecture:

1. Recording using smart-phones: This is a very naïve manner, which is generally a most liked option but undoubtedly is outdated and not so efficient. Additionally, your hand will start paining recording a long lecture.

2. Using an online application to record: This is a very upbeat lecture recording system and it should be your first choice. In the technological manner, it is kind of a web-based application, which allows the users to capture the screen process continuously along with audio (with the help of the system and microphone) and saves in High Definition quality. It is very simple to operate. Just open the application on a webpage and then click on “Start Recording” button. When you are installing the application on your computer for the first time, it may ask you to first download a launcher and hence move ahead. After the installation, you can use the application any number of times. This software application may have both Mac and Windows separate applications.

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Some important points to keep in mind before sharing a recorded lecture:

1. You should make sure that it is legal in your school or college rules. Some institutes consider this as a crime and may punish you in the same. So take the consent from the lecturer or superior faculty and hence go ahead.

2. Your seating position while recording should be appropriate. The screen should be near to you and the professor should be visible as well as clearly audible. If you are sitting at the back then students in between will break the view and the recorded lecture won’t be that helpful.

3. Also, add the slides which professor has shown you to make you better understand in the recording. This way, the recording will be completely helpful for others.

4. There should be sub-titles in the recording for better understanding.

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