How to Write a Powerful Cold Email That’ll Trigger a Response

For most Winnipeg marketing agency, sometimes the best way to set a connection with a prospect is through a direct approach. The problem is that there isn’t always somebody who knows the right people and is happy to make the introductions.

So, how can you reach out to prospective clients if you don’t have mutual connections?
You can send them a cold email.

But, here’s another problem. Your prospect is probably receiving tons of email every day, and most of them end up in Spam. How can you make sure your message will stand out and you will get a response?

Essentially, writing a cold email implies having initiative. Although it may not always work, it is still worth trying, since you never know who is going to be impressed by it. There is no magic formula regarding these kinds of emails, but there are some general guidelines that can help you in this process.


Write Simple and Be Personal

Simplicity is the key in almost every area of our lives. With that being said, when trying to contact someone the message should be meaningful, but simple and short. The best strategy for achieving this style of writing is by visualizing your interaction in real life with that person – this way your words will be more meaningful.

Don’t Give Up Easily

If the person you are trying to reach is someone who is an authority in the industry, it’s very likely that they receive lots of emails every day. Don’t give up if you didn’t get a response back from them. Their inbox is probably full, and they might have missed your message. Follow-up with at least two more emails in which you reinforce your offer and its benefits. However, if after a certain number of times the person still does not respond, then you should stop emailing them – annoying them is not a good strategy.

Work on Your Subject Line

Most of the time people that are truly busy opt to make a selection by surfing through the subject lines. It is then obvious that no matter how good the email is, without an equally smart subject line you won’t get any response. You can write a compelling subject line by summarizing your request in a couple of words. Make sure that you link the subject line to the interests of the person you are writing to. Including their name can be a good move as well.

Don’t Write if You Don’t Have Something Valuable to Offer

As harsh as that might sound, emailing someone with an offer that has little interest for them is even harsher. Imagine that your recipient receives dozens of emails every day – you must be able to bring something new and exciting to the table. Making weak offers can affect future interactions as well, since the memory of your previous low-quality emails will probably make your recipient not open any others you might send afterwards.

Jungle with References

Sometimes, offering some palpable references to the person you are interested in can take you a long way. Specifically, you can try adding a certain pitch, otherwise known as social proof. That means that if you happen to have a connection with someone in their entourage, you could try mentioning that. Also, if you’ve interacted with one of their competitors, for instance, that can catch their eye as well, since that gives you validation.

Make Sure You Do Your Homework Regarding Your Recipient

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can do is to address to a person without having enough information about them. Mixing up facts or sending the same email as you have sent to their competitors, for instance, shows alack of imagination and might even offend some. Sloppiness will surely not help your case.

Be concise

Writing just like everybody else will get you the attention that everybody else gets – none, to be more specific. Standard emails can be spotted from a mile, and there is no way you can stand out with one of those. Thus, you should aim to make your message as clear as possible to let your prospects know why you are reaching out to them.

Even more, emphasize the reason you want to set up a connection with them specifically. To do that, you can exploit the link between their work and how you can use it.
People love to see that you have invested your time in contacting them, and it also leaves them without a doubt that this is not another standard message sent to your whole contact list.
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