Top 5 reason to buy kreg prs2100 precision router table

Dear consumers now there is good news as why you should buy kreg prs 2100 precision router table. There are five top reasons which are as follows.

1. The router table comes with an industrial quality fence which contains adjustable faces. It also comprises of dust collection with vertical joints and a brand new cam clamps.
2. The router table kreg prs 2100 comes in full size with a router insert plate levelers. It also contains a new level of loc reducing rings.
3. The router table kreg prs 2100 is extra large and comes with a MDF table top. One of the amazing features is the easy slide surface.
4. It comes with a wide stance and heavy duty steel stand. It has complete high stability
5. It comprises of full size insert place and MDF top. Additionally, the router table comprises of loc rings of 3 levels with aluminum fence. It has heavy steel stand.

prs2100 precision router table

The market comprises with a many choices for easy wood working machines – router tables. It’s only the professional wood workers who know which size of table is suitable or which router table works the best. The kreg prs 2100 is large table and sometimes big is better though expensive.

Kregs prs 2100 is a fresh and redesigned router table with precision bench top. It proposes some features like capability of being full in size. And it comes in movable packages. Whether the consumer wishes to use the precision bench top router table for the job or in shop, it is a perfect router solution for the consumers. There is also an insert plate.
Kreg prs 2100 comes with a new level loc reducing rings which easily wind in place and locks in even. The three levels of lock ring comprises of one inch, one by three by sixteen inch. It comes with a cable which portable. In a set of five the level loc rings are available.

The kreg prs 2100 plate comes with a laser marking. The laser marking is on the below side. It is one of the best features that make’s it easy to base any router. Also with this come the precision insert levelers. It also comprises of industrial good quality fence. The all new clamps help in regulating the fence faster which is made from aluminum which is specially anodized.  The sliding faces are flexible and work as a jointer which is vertical. To make the system work even more easily the router table has large sixteen by twenty four inches. And it is made from solid large MDF. This helps in reducing the vibration.

The router table kreg prs 2100 comprises of miter gauge slot and an easy sliding which is long lasting. The steel stands are heavy and comprises of wide posture which is fit specifically for extra support. It also comprises of rubber feet which is very helpful in reducing the vibrations. It specifically helps in reducing the noise.
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