10 Things Your Blog Doesn't Need

You have newly opened a blog that you've been dreaming about since your teens, and it is quite obvious that you will try your best means to make your blog stand out. But do you know there are a few things your blog doesn't need and involving them can push your blog to the no-man's land. Including tiny intricate fonts or writing about inane topics or your readers having to solve a maths calculations in order to prove that they are human beings can cast the curse of oblivion upon your blog. So here are the top ten things you should stay away from in order to see your blog soar above the mass.

10 Things Your Blog Doesn't Need

Animated gifs: Adding new things to the blog seems really cool. But animated gifs? Come on! That will never let your blog cast an impression upon mature readers. So let them rest in peace and you continue blogging without surprising your readers with those meaningless substances.

Automatic music: No reader has come over to your blog just to listen to music. Even when its their favourite track and you think they would hum the tune and keep coming for more- my dear! You are actually very wrong. It’s better not to subject your readers to their love of world class musicians but concentrate on what your blog is really meant to do.

Verification of comments: Installing a spam preventing plug-in would spare your readers from having to type the awkward and annoying captcha or solve a little sum for just posting a comment that's valuable for your blog.  It would also take care of the spam and you will not have to remove a spam comment every now and then. It is little sacrifice that you must consider for your readers as it will make them come back again and comment even more.

Tiny intricate fonts and pop ups: If your readers have to strain their eyes for reading your blog posts they would soon realise that there are hundreds of blogs out there talking about the same niche! Now you don't want that to happen. So get rid of those small illegible fonts along with those popups that blocks almost the entire part of the device's screen. In case you have to ask your readers to join your blog or comment on the post, you can do the same at any corner or at the bottom even.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes: Please proofread your drafts at least twice before you publish it. Even better, if there's someone else to do that for you. It is alright to make mistakes but you should always try to post articles that are free of obvious mistakes.

List of awards you have won: No one cares about who you had been and what you have won. No matter how much you wish to flaunt it all, your readers have come to your blog to know about specific things. So it's better to give them what they looks for, not what you wish to inform them.
Repetitive content: If you got to say something that you have already mentioned in your previous posts, it's better to link back to the original post instead of typing it all over again. Google would frown over your post as a duplicate content and your readers would know that you are spitting out old contents.

Backgrounds that make readers go blind: Blogs with flashy lights with blinding neon colours will surely repel your readers. Even if some of them come by chance they would probably forget what they came for and your blog would soon turn into a matter of the past.

Falsehood: Yes, it is quite tempting to say all the untrue words to gain in popularity. But remember you will be caught very soon and all your blog's traffic would vanish into thin air and you will seem like a fool in front of everyone.

Plagiarism: You know what's worse than telling lies? Copying other people's content. Plagiarism has no place in the world of blogging and when you have to quote someone you better link back to them or get caught and be lost forever.
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