Will iPhone 8 be worth buying?

There is no official announcement regarding the launch of iPhone 8 from the Company but various tech gurus and experts have started speculating various things about this smart phone like its release date, features, additional advanced features, and price. Here we will also talk about these speculated features and other things from our sources that are likely to be placed in iPhone 8. All these features are enough to describe its worth among the iPhone lovers. Here we will try to tell you some of the features and other details of iPhone 8 and then come to the conclusion that whether iPhone 8 will be worth buying or not.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 camera quality

The camera quality of iPhone 8 is the biggest advantage in any of its iPhone series. Currently it has launched 12 mega pixel rear and 5 mega pixel front camera in iPhone 6S. But now in iPhone 8 the quality of camera will surely increase and the additional camera features have lot to offer to their users. It is rumoured that iPhone 8 will have dual motion sensor camera quality which means images can be clicked while in motion with full clarity.

iPhone 8 Processor quality

iPhone 6S is using chipset A9 processor with iOS 9 operating system version. But we can experience the up gradations in the processor in iPhone 8. The RAM will be nearly 3 GB giving it a quicker response time. The storage space for iPhone 8 will also experience some changes as compared to previous models. Most of the users are demanding 32GB variant in iPhone series as it doesn’t support external storage. So we have to keep an eye on this iPhone 8 to upgrade the storage space.

iPhone 8 display quality

The iPhone 8 will be much slimmer than the previous models. It can also include oleophobic coating on its display and Ion supported glass. The phone can be lighter in weight as compared to 143 grams of iPhone 6S. The display quality will definitely improve in further models for strengthening the base of iPhone 8. You can see various features related to display quality in iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 battery quality

The 3D touch feature in iPhone 6S has led to the reduction of battery capacity from 1810 mAh to 1715 mAh. This has also made the smart phone little thicker. But we have to compromise in certain effects if we want to make any smart phone worthy. Battery quality will certainly improve in iPhone 8 and talking hours will also improve for this smart phone in the coming future.

Final Say

After looking at all the above features and characteristics of rumoured iPhone 8, we can definitely say that iPhone 8 will be a big gain in the smart phone industry. If all the above features and other advanced features are introduced in this smart phone then no other phone can beat it in any terms and it will be real worthy to use despite of its higher prices.
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