Predictions about GTA 6: Why We Cannot Stay Calm and Carry on

Ever since its very conception, GTA or Grand Theft Auto has been a sensation among the gamer experienced and young. A forbidden fruit for many, thousands of kids all over the world save their Christmas and birthday money to buy a GTA game for the Play Stations. GTA V had taken the players on a virtual tour of Los Santos and Blaine County. This game has it all. From clandestine characters to explicit gore, everything is rather graphic in the entire game-play.

However no one can say that GTA has ever been drab or monotonous. In fact the realistic rendering and the exciting game-play makes it a hot favorite of many teenagers as well as office going adults who love to spend their time with their controllers during the weekends. In fact GTA V has been an alternate reality and escape for many a troubled soul who have found solace in their characters in this online multiplayer game. The perfectly executed sunsets and bewilderingly beautiful country sides presented to us in GTA V raises the standards for Rockstar when it comes to the next version of the game.

When do we begin the new league of Grand Theft Auto?

Although nothing has been officially announced regarding the theme and location of GTA 6. We can safely assume that it will not be far from the GTA legacy which Rockstar has created and gloriously maintained for the last two decades.

Just like GTA V we expect GTA 6 to be compatible to the latest PlayStation version, Xbox version as well as PC. We will not be surprised if PSV and Xbox Two have graced the technophiles with their presence by the time GTA 6 is launched. Let us hope that Rockstar does not forget about the Xbox360 and PS3 users while creating this new game for the uber tech-savvy crowd.

Studying their previous release dates make predicting their newer releases much easier. They have released GTA V in 2013, so it is pretty safe to assume that GTA 6 is coming to market sometime during 2020. the lack of any confirmation from Rockstar regarding all 2016 and 2017 release date rumors forces us to believe that they have no solid ground. The unprecedented delay may have been caused by the resignation of Leslie Benzies from Rockstar North.

Unlimited expectations:

The expectations are much higher for GTA 6 than it had ever been for GTA IV or GTA V. this may have something to do with the recent trend of female main characters in Hollywood movies as well as mainstream literature. Most gamers are demanding for female protagonists in the mind boggling world of GTA 6. And don’t think that’s enough. Most of the gamers want to experience the noir world of the 70’s. A new city is a must, possibly one which can highlight the lifestyle, swag and undercurrents of the 1970’s. Couple that with VR or virtual reality and we have a jackpot. Many forums and game makers are taken with the idea of introducing a virtual reality support with the 70’s style background. Hence you can expect a more customizable, female protagonist in a 70’s town to be your next character. And who knows? Maybe you can get your own Shelby or Camaro to cruise around the sunset towns.
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