Key skills for a Rewarding Engineering Career

Engineering is the most preferred career for students after clearing 12th exams apart from Medicine and other professional courses. Although with times students are drifting towards non-conventional courses but in India, Engineering is still the most preferred choice from future career perspective than any other courses.  Engineering courses are offered by various institutes in India but a student attaining degree from prestigious college like IIT has always better chance of getting jobs in good companies then students from other colleges. The fact that IIT colleges in India demand dedication and focus to clear the entrance exam for securing seat in these colleges clearly state, only students who have skills to be successful engineers can be a part of these colleges.

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Skills to be a professional Engineer

Every year numerous students appear in entrance exams like JEE for securing seat in IITs in India but only few with good NIT ranking or JEE advanced syllabus ranking  get the opportunity to be a part of the engineering college of their choice. The selection process is difficult as all the students appearing may not have the required skills to be successful engineers in future. Certain qualities that set a benchmark for being a professional engineer include:

STEM Aptitude: First and foremost is the fundamental knowledge of students that is judged by their grip of core subjects of engineering that include science, Technology, Engineering and Math. If someone has a good command over these subjects, he is sure to have good analytical and trouble shooting skills that are needed to be a successful engineer. IIT in India is best known institute for providing its students world class education that helps them to get thorough understanding of the subjects both theoretically and practically.

Leadership: Another important quality that ensures a rewarding engineering career in leadership. Time and again it will be required for you to handle group of people with different opinions, thoughts and suggestion. It is your leadership quality that will help you to get the best of everyone in the group to maximize productivity and complete any given project successfully. The best part about IITs in India is that they have global acclaim and therefore they also provide their students opportunity to meet different people of the same field outside India and enhance their professional skills.

Dedication: Right from clearing engineering exam to handling engineering projects professionally, engineering career demands a lot of dedication and focus. Only those with dedication and clear focus can become successful engineers.  A good engineer pays attention to minutest detail and focus on putting their knowledge to the best use for solving problems and inventing new technologies for humans.

Communication skills: Not only for bright engineering career but to any professional career, having excellent communication skills is a must. If you lack communication skills as an engineer then it will be difficult for you to put your ideas across people with diverse opinions. As an engineer you will have to deal with various people like the labor class, management class, the fundraiser etc and therefore one should know where to use technical terms, where to use easy language and where to talk professionally to ensure that everyone gets clear understanding of your ideas.

Knowledge update: Once engineer always an engineer and therefore a successful engineer will always keep himself abreast of all the latest news and new technologies introduced in the engineering world.

Analytical and trouble shooting skills: Last but not the least a good engineer must possess excellent analytical and trouble shooting skills to solve difficult situations when working on live projects. IIT colleges in India excel when it comes to giving practical training to its students and make them capable enough to handle any problems faced while working on a project.

The set of skills listed above ensure a bright future as an engineer. The IITs in India are the most reputed colleges known to produce the best engineers we have in our country.  Below is list of IITs one can choose to become a successful engineer.

  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Cheenai
  • IIT Patna
  • IIT Hyderabad
  • IIT Varanasi
  • IIT Gandhi Nagar
  • IIT Bhubaneshwar
  • IIT Kanpur
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