5 Reasons Why Micromax Smartphones are more popular than other Brands

A recent study conducted by a market research agency, Canalys, suggests that Micromax is leading among the other smartphone brands in the Indian market currently. The research suggests that Micromax occupies about 22% of the market share as compared to 20% share by Samsung. The result may seem quite surprising for both, the customers as well as Micromax, considering the fact that Micromax is a home grown company whereas, Samsung is a multinational company that has billion dollars revenue. So, what makes Micromax such a popular phone that it has overtaken the global market leader? Here are 5 reasons that make it better:

Micromax Smartphones

1. Affordable price

India is a market where everything that has an affordable price tag sells better; the Indian consumers are very price conscious. Micromax being an Indian brand understands the consumer’s sentiments better than other brands and if you look at Micromax mobile price, they are priced far more affordable rates than other brands while not compromising on the quality, features or appearance. There is wide range of models and most of them are priced between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 15000, which makes it suitable for every pocket.

2. Releases a new model time and again

In the world of smartphones it is important that you give the consumers a huge amount of variety to retain their interests. This is exactly what Micromax does; it launches a new model almost every two months to keep the brands name and value fresh in the people’s memories. Releasing a new phone also helps the company to produce phone that caters to the different needs of the people. If you are looking for a phone with a long lasting battery life or if you want a phone with a big screen and loud speakers, you would find a model to exactly suit your needs.

3. Brilliant Marketing strategy

Unlike the bigger brands in the market, it aims to market its products smartly. It uses traditional advertisement mediums like TV and newspapers and targets its marketing activities towards attracting the attention of the youngsters. The brand does a great job of portraying its models as cool and hip unlike other brands that portray themselves as more mature.

4. More popular in rural areas

Micromax has been able to penetrate deep into the rural areas of India. This implies that no matter if you are living in a big metropolis city like Mumbai or if you are living in a small city like Kanpur you can easily find a Micromax phone at the stores near you. Other leading brands too have spent a lot of money to expand their supply chain but when compared to Micromax phones; their cheap prices make it a winning brand.

5. Android makes it better
No doubt Android is the most popular OS today. As the Micromax phones are powered by Android it offers the same functionality and features as you would find in any other premium phones. The OS is intuitive and easy to use even for the people who are not very tech savvy.
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