10 Major Pros and Cons of Hosting Your Business Videos on YouTube

As we all know that YouTube is considered to be second largest search engine in the world, so it’s obvious that you would like to host your business videos there right. Not so fast, there are a few major things that you would like to consider first. Given below are the pros and cons based on the needs of the organizations who are serious about having a professional online videos platform for the business they have been dealing with.
Easy to upload, embedding, and sharing: One major primary advantage of using YouTube is one of the easiest online video platform when it comes to the process of uploading new business video content. Once uploaded YouTube would then offer multiple embedding and sharing options making the distribution of new content relatively stress free.

Business Videos on YouTube

YouTube is globally recognized and accepted: The logo is well known and recognized across the earth. This is a medium that is well used by millions including the corporations, so you are in good company.
Videos can be 15 minutes in length or more: The time limits are more than what a business video generally needs. Using business videos that are longer than 3 or 4 minutes are generally said to be an exception, where more of the messages and stories could be relayed in that amount of time. Long videos like interviews should be engaging enough to keep the viewers tuned in.

Having a unique YouTube Channel: This generally offers you with an advantage of offering you with a landing page where all your videos, favourites and subscriptions are said to visible. You could also limit these options by customizing the color scheme in order to match your branding. You could also have multiple videos being played from one channel without having a visitor being distracted by unwanted and unrelated content.
It’s free and no pocket expenses required: YouTube makes its revenue from advertising. There is no fees required for using the platform in order to promote and distribute your products and services.

Poor customization and branding options: The main issues that generally the organizations face is limited customization and branding options for a player. And though there are some minor tweaks available, the YouTube player is not that design rich. You could instead pick out a design for several templates and in case your organization is looking out for some brand equity or exclusive player then YouTube is never the option for your business.

Appearance: You are here limited to upload just 3 images that YouTube would be selecting for your business in order to represent the video to everyone. You are here again limited to the customization where some tweaks are possible but you would have to rely on the programming knowledge.

Streaming of your business videos: Viewers would here experience a bit of slow playback during high traffic. The companies would here again block their employees from YouTube while they are at work, which is where they are actually looking out for the services. Studies have shown that YouTube is the 3rd most blocked website by the business organizations, first is Facebook. So if you are trying to capture the attention of your B2B Customers and they want to have a look at the video when they are at work, they would then never be able to watch it.

Advertising: Business videos that are generally displayed on YouTube do have advertising included on all video content, reducing the quality of your business video. You could have advertisements featured around the company videos that could include content directly from the competitors, and appear in the related videos section or promoted video ads, or sometimes the banner ads. When you have ads being played in between your business videos customers would then be distracted by the ads and would prefer to close the page than watching your video.

No customer service, Limited length and take downs: Customer service would here mean the questions and queries asked by the customers not being answered. Or maybe not finding the appropriate person who could answer the queries other than the canned response. Again each and every business video that you upload is under 15 minutes of length, with their guidelines being considered as arbitrary and have proven to be difficult to dispute and counter the file.

To conclude it’s always good when you treat YouTube as the no 1 supplement and not as a meal supplement to you and your business organization. YouTube though is an affordable solution it does have many resources and features, that makes it possible for each and every one of us to have a business video with model.

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