Top 10 Stress Management Tips for All the Call Centre Employees

Call centre managers are generally the ones who are responsible for managing and ensuring the quality, and measuring if the phone calls meets or exceeds the goals and requirements of a customer or not. They would need to make sure that all the business inquiries are handled in a much more professional manner, efficiently, correctly, and in a timely manner. Call centre agents to this are constantly under pressure and stress levels could reach the records levels. Given below are some of most helpful tips for all call centre managers on how you could be productive enough managing the stress at a great ease.

Top 10 Stress Management Tips

Having an email on time and without a delay: Email is generally considered to be one of the major distractions in the modern era. People generally spend hours answering the mails of all the clients and customers and still have emails piled up. So try and up a dedicated time to answer the emails of your clients and customers.

Giving them an option to work from home: Another major thing that we have just started here is allowing your agents to work from home giving a kind of flexibility to them. This would give them a different environment feeling more relaxed and less distracted from the constantly daily interruptions.
Supporting them with the online and outside ongoing training: We all know that having a better trained staff would is equal to a much more productive team. Agents would be productive with online training especially when they could carry out what they have been learning at their desk.

Having a power nap room with the organization: Research studies have shown that a power nap of 20 minutes sleep in the afternoon would provide more rest than 20 minutes of extra sleep in the morning. So if you don’t feel comfortable taking a nap during the entire day then try meditation. Meditation would give your body some kind of rest and would allow you to remove anxiety.

Customers focussed KPIs: KPIs offer your call centre agents with a much more measurable and quantifiable realistic benchmark. This would also help your agents stay focussed on what is important and what’s not.

Learning from experienced Person: You would not be surprised of how much you could learn from an experienced call centre agents. So try and create an online knowledge hub for all your call centre agents where you could easily learn from other experience in the organization.

Rewarding your agents more often: It can’t be said enough but rewarding for excellence is the major key in order to maintain the high level of productivity.

Improving internal communication with your clients and customers: Internal communication is very important for a call centre industry. The agents would here need to know what’s going on all the time within the organization. So try and keep the metrics visible nearby for the agents to stay in target.

Implementing a phone call blueprint for the agents to follow: It is very essential enough to have a blue print when it comes to the call centre industry. Basically a blue print shows what a perfect customer call feels like or looks like. Modelling is a powerful teaching tool.

Recording training and compliance for support: Yes all the managers need to understand that the ongoing training process is essential, but mixed it up. Asking your agents what kind of training they prefer would make their job much easier. One of the best examples here is video tutorial, pdf guides or the open training groups.

To conclude the call centre agents do play an important role in managing the phone communication of an enterprise. And as their responsibilities have continued to be growing with technology being evolving, the call centre agents continue to face anxiety, stress, and productivity challenges.

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Abhishek Jain has 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and customer life cycle management. Business process outsourcing services in India helps the organizations deliver and manage various offshore projects in various technologies and domains.
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