Press Releases and Your SEO Strategy

Can press releases help you with your SEO strategy? No and yes. No, if you think that the links from the press release will pass PageRank to your site. Yes, if you have news that can lead to a story of interest to reporters. In any case, writing a press release can have an SEO benefit. It just isn’t the same as it used to be.

SEO Strategy

Manage Your Reputation

In case you don’t realize this, press releases can enhance your business’ reputation, especially if constructed well. Although such news doesn’t have the same value with SEO it once had, a well written press release can articulate your company like nothing else.

If the press release is particularly good, it may catch the attention of reporters, journalists, correspondents and bloggers who might be interested in your story. Bloggers typically take such releases and post them to their sites unchanged. For everyone else, your news could lead to a story and an interview with a reporter.

Build Your Traffic

A press release has the potential to send traffic to your site. Simply by putting your news out there, it can catch the eyes of people who will want to know more. In that case you will have the opportunity to draw people to your site to find out what you are all about.

For some, the traffic building angle is the sole reason for press releases. Still, every press release should be written as if it is passing in front of a reporter’s eyes. With that angle, you also leave open the possibility that it will turn into a story with additional traffic opportunities.

Get Recognized

For new businesses or businesses that need a boost, a press release can provide that. Essentially, a press release tells people something about your business, your products or services, and other details that you want to get out there.

A press release should always be written from a story angle, avoiding selling anything. It should build on an important aspect of your business, such as an accomplishment or other goal reached. Consider it a form of branding that can elevate your business.

Links May Come

In times past, some people wrote and submitted press releases with the sole interest in acquiring links. Beyond that, they had very little use for releases. However, Google has since devalued press releases, sending such link builders away.

At the same time, there can be a linking strategy at play when you write your press release. For instance, if you supply authoritative news you may find that people will use that information in their articles and then link to you for attribution. This also means that less than stellar cites may cite you, but likely you will also get your share of high volume websites too.

Make It Newsworthy

So, the bottom line of press releases is this — they must be newsworthy. If you have a news angle, then you can build contacts, acquire back links and further your business. There is no guarantee that these good results will follow, but it is a strategy that works for some with good local seo results as well.

Finally, if you are seeking to wade in to the press release pool, write one 500-word release, add your photos and links, and then share with a press release distributor. Choose only a distributor that shares its news with Google News and similar sites, then monitor the analytics that come with your distribution. Find out how people make use of your release, including click throughs and links back to your site. If you get business from that first release, then begin to write additional news releases on a periodic basis.
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