iOS 9 has everything to offer iPhone lovers

When you get something, virtuous to write then you find it interesting. The same with iOS 9, which has everything to offer for the consumer. iOS has been pre-occupied the major place with its announcement and rumor is moving to and from. It is always nice to have new product, especially when you are paying good money for it.

Now check what this post is all about. As always, people get a Space Gray color because this is what we always get for the Apple products. Common person will really think twice to get the iPad Mini 3 due to the high price, Touch ID is not a big USP for the people, and you need to pay more on a new iPad Mini OtterBox case.

iOS 9

The only thing that is fixing my mind is about this device is the retina display rather than processor or form-factor. It creates cool pictures and YouTube videos look great, and it is specifically for those who watch many YouTube videos.

There is iPad Mini 1, then you head through it, and again you have that clear vision iPad Mini 2. The retina display is here to completely for bringing change in your life. It has great processing power. We have been noticing that iOS 8 does not usually lag at all, while in iPad Mini 1 you see generally the lagging issue. Animations are a lot smoother and responsive, which makes you feel like worth investing $300. It not about only operating systems, I did not notice any buffer while typing emails or documents. This is what people may battle with in iOS 8 with iPad Mini 1.

The camera is awesome as it has been polished or maybe it is the good effect of retina display. One more amazing thing that you can upgrade this device to iOS 9. The FaceTime on this device is superb so far and it has been great. We are hoping that this device would have been extra slimmer so far and it will affect the durability of the device. However, standing with so many pros so one con can be compromised.

This is a great device and if you are looking for a new iPad Mini, keeps the mind up for iPad Mini 2. Whole and soul ultimate decision is all yours. IPad Mini 3 is all and  all good option but the price is something very hype.  However, if you are thinking of having iPad Mini 2, then it is still a good tablet in good rate. If you do not like the 16GB, the 32GB is only $350, which again is not a big deal for the high-end tablet. This is the good recommendation for the tablet and its users have increased with time so the demand is high.
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