Speedy Adding Site URL To Google Search Via Webmaster Tools

Google Search Engine is the best source of information, nowadays. It is because major portion of internet users use Google for respective information or source .It is seen that creating nice and informative post is not the big deal in blogsphare but it surely needs some extra care of those contents. The internet experts have expressed that the best way to increase your blog/site traffic and ranking are , legally optimizing content , submitting blog url to various search engines along with Google. Today's article tries to invent the inner parts of submitting website to Google search engine for speedy indexation .The best way to get crawling and search traffic of your blog or website by using Google webmaster tools. However Bing Webmaster Tools also become much more important after emerging with Yahoo Webmaster Tools.

Speedy Adding Site URL To Google Search Via Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools

There are a few free submission script will submit your website URL to 700+ top search engines for free, including Google such as Submit Express , 1 2 3 Submit Pro, , AddMe!,  AddPro , and many more.

How to Submit Google :

Here is the full tutorial for submitting blog or website url to Google

Google Webmaster Tools

1. Go to http://www.google.com/addurl.html on your web browser.
2. Enter your blog/site url and click on "Submit Request".
3. Login to www.google.com/webmasters/tools with your google accoun .
4. Go to dashboard click on "ADD SITE" and fill-in your blog/site url.
5. Submit XML Sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools

How to confirm your site is submitted correctly :

Very simple and easy way to check your submission status in Google -
1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools
2. Log in and go to dashboard
3. Check Health [ drop down menu ]
4. Hit Index status [ if fails to index ]
5. Fetch as Google [ re submit for index ]

Conclusion :

It has seen that increasing search optimization is a hot key to driving traffic to targeted blog or website, and the process could not be easier than other factors. So it needs more dedication and time consuming process for webmasters and bloggers . However , it is more important factor for bloggers and webmasters to continue ! Because traffic is the fuel of any website or blog and Search Engine is the main source of unique traffic to your blog .
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